Puerto Rico is open for business.


The Puerto Rico Tourism Company issued a statement on Tuesday announcing that the island is open for tourism and by the looks of it, this is statement is 100 % accurate.
Despite the recent devastation caused by hurricane Maria, the island of Puerto Rico is slowly rebuilding and tourism on the island is no exception. In fact, if you go to the farmer’s market or La Placita, in the Santurce neighborhood of San Juan on a Thursday evening, you would say that there was no way the island experienced one of the worst natural disasters in the island’s’ history.

Farmers market by day, urban hangout by night. La Placita
The streets, bars, and restaurants are packed with locals and tourists alike. Many patrons are workers from ConEd and FEMA that are on the island helping with the recovery efforts.

Three months after the hurricane, nearly 4000 restaurants and 100 hotels have reopened just in time for one of the busiest times of the year.

This is great news since tourism is one of the main contributors to the island’s economy. According to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company ( PRTC ) All the airports on the island are totally operational and are handling over 70 flights per day from 27 different major airlines.

The Sherton Hotel Old San Juan
Hotels are also making a strong comeback. 75 % are also open. Currently, they are being occupied by first responders, but more and more rooms will be available as the first responders return to their homes. Not only are iconic hotels like the El San Juan reopening, but new hotels like the Solace by the Sea in Ponce.

The first cruise ships since hurricane Maria struck the island, brought Over 7,000 cruise passengers on November 30 and the PRTC expect around 85,000 more passengers through the end of January.

Clearly, the recovery of the tourism industry in Puerto Rico will take time to recover 100 %.

But it is also clear that the local tourism company along with the resilient shop and restaurant owners are committed to making Puerto Rico one of the top destinations in the Caribbean.

There is a reason why Lonely Planet named the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, one the top 10 cities to travel to in 2018.

Now is a great time to visit the island and experience one of the longest, and most festive holiday seasons on the planet. Support the local economy and be a part of the island’s recovery.

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3 thoughts on “Puerto Rico is open for business.”

  1. Chris says:

    wow this was a very interesting article and it’s definitely amazing how they recovered so fast from such a horrible event. like you said, it almost looks like nothing happened at all. it does make you wonder though about how they have recovered so quickly and other countries spend years in turmoil over natural disasters

    thanks for posting

    1. JoeyP says:

      Hey Chris, thanks for leaving your comment. Dont get me wrong, Puerto Rico is still suffering. 1/3 of the Island is still without power. The Tourism Company knows how important it is for the island’s economy to open for business as soon as possible. They have done a great job, but most of the quick recovery has to do with the resilience of the Puertorican restaurant, shop and hotel owners. These people started serving their patrons days after the hurricane by using portable generators and even by candle light.

      Come and visit us soon. Ill be happy to show around.

  2. JeffWA says:

    Hi, Joey! Having once been acquainted with a number of people who once lived in Puerto Rico, (and many of them still having family members who lived on the island) I am so happy to read that citizens and businesses are welcoming people to come to the island as tourists.

    Frankly, I was disgusted with the current U.S. President’s gross negligence traced back to his despicable comments about what happened because of the devastation that racked the entire island. Furthermore, this man’s his perceived unwillingness to go about signing an executive order that would provide the necessary funds to help residents rebuild the island was beyond reprehensible. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, just as was the case back in 1941 when Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese. You’d better believe that back then the country threw its full weight in support of Hawaii, in fact declaring war on Japan for its dastardly attack.

    The residents of Puerto Rico rose above this one man’s incredibly insensitive attitude and with the help of private funds coming from ordinary citizens of the U.S., (who did not seek attention being brought on themselves for their humane acts) have gone about the arduous task of rebuilding the island. People do have resolve, as proven by the images seen in your article, Joey.

    With as you stated 75% of the hotels now open, airlines and cruise ships again respectively flying and sailing tourists into the country, it will only be a matter of time before Puerto Rico becomes what it once was before Hurricane Maria – a popular attraction for people from not only the U.S., but so many other countries in the world visiting the island.

    Your article will prove to be a great marketing tool in letting the world understand that business is open on the island of Puerto Rico!!


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